vie of cloud 9 building with 3d printed roof structure from distance

Cloud Nine is a building adjacent to the Václav-Havel Airport in Prague. It offers a MultiMedia Conference Center (MMC) with state-of-the-art media technology to host cyber-physical conferences, several restaurants including one on top of the building and a main bar, 40 VIP luxury suites for overnight stays of conference faculty and other VIPs, including a spa and a gym.

Cloud Nine is a highly modern and unusual building constructed with leading 3D-printing technology.

Conferences are for physical attendance of up to 300 persons and an unlimited digital audience and cover high value topics for example in the medical, high tech engineering and such fields. The conference facility is highly unusual through the usage of 3D-printing technology for the design of meeting and communication spaces.

Restaurants and bars are designed in line with the highly modern aspect of the general building and offer top quality food. The top floor restaurant features leading cuisine suitable to attract non-airport visitors as well. The total commercial surface of Cloud Nine amounts to 19,500 square meters.

The building consists of two main structures divided by a covered area in between them (the
“Canyon”). The facades of the structures show prominent features enabled by the 3D printing technology.

Immediately behind the exit is another covered area, the Plaza.

The two structures are engulfed by a “Wrap” in the shape of a cloud or something similar. The Wrap is composed of a cellular structure with spectacular features – also enabled by the 3D-printing technology. The Wrap also provides for a fully enclosed security area.

The two structures are connected by a bridge with a floor of the top restaurant. On one end of the bridge, a “Tower” is forming the center of the Wrap and offers a drone landing pad on top and dominates the views from the Canyon.
Each structure has four floors with declining size towards the top. There is a fifth floor which houses a spa.
The MMC spans across the ground floor and the first floor and consists of a main auditorium, Several larger and smaller conference and meeting rooms, a reception and a registration area. All rooms feature multimedia facilities to generate digital content.

The architectural design of the conference facilities is highly innovative with a range of new kinds of communication facilities and meeting spaces. This design makes full use of the freedom offered by the 3D-printing technology.
There is a small exhibition area on the ground floor and exhibits can also be shown in the Canyon.